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Livisiani Mou Perdika - Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra (Live Novi Sad)

BARCELONA GIPSY BALKAN ORCHESTRA Live at Novosadska Sinagoga of Novi Sad, Serbia. BGKO interprets traditional music of the Balkans, Gipsies, and Jewish of Eastern Europe with an original approach and great passion while constantly exploring their roots. ⬇⬇More info ⬇⬇

Song: Livisiani Mou Perdika
Recorded by: RTS Radio TV Serbia
Thanks to all the people involved!

Our latest album AVO KANTO is the continuation of a journey that started two years ago with "del Ebro al Danubio". Plenty of concerts, places, people, musicians, and moments that still move us, gave birth to the songs on this album. Nearly all are traditional songs, interpreted throughout time, passed down through generations while never losing their power to evoke the deepest feelings of the human being. Today these songs rise again, touching us deep in our hearts and souls.

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