2 de mai. de 2018

Back from the East, Singing for Peace...

Dear family and friends,

We are back from a fascinating tour in the far east, full of incredible experiences, encounters and above all, music!!

Below,  you can see me singing a very popular Chinese song in Mandarin (and Hebrew! ) in Hong Kong
and here below, a very well-known and lovely Chinese singer, Ha Hui, singing a beautiful old Hebrew song together with me, in Beijing.
This tour was yet another example of how powerful a tool music is in building bridges between cultures and languages and bringing people together!!

Now we head west!  Starting in Switzerland, in the lovely village of Montricher, doing a small concert for the wonderful Jan Michalski literary foundation(already sold out), then on to Boston and NY!

In Boston , we will be doing two events together with Mira Awad, forArtsbridge, a special program bringing Israeli, Palestinian and American teenagers together for unique leadership programs based on artistic exchange ...my son participated  in an Artsbridge summer camp two years ago that really changed his perspective and opened his mind and heart. It was incredible!

Mira and I will be giving a talk in Boston University on May 7th ,  sign upHERE, and a performance in the Boston JCC on May 8th, ,  get tkts HERE.

On may 10th, Gil and I will be performing in a beautiful event at the Streicker Center in NYC, for Seeds of Peace, together with our friends Mira Awad, David Broza and a group of up-and-coming young  musicians who have all decided to put their talent in the service of promoting Peace and dialogue!
The event is called "Composing for Peace", and tkts can be purchased HERE.
The event is co-sponsored by the wonderful New Israel Fund, of which I am a board member! :)
I am sure it will be an incredible evening!

Then, after only two nights at home (!!)...we're off to France!
Four consecutive concerts in one of my all time favorite countries! (but will I survive??)
Here are the dates:

We will end this month in the beautiful city of Verona, Italy, where we will perform with our band.
  • May 31th Verona             Tkts Here
Hope to see you all somewhere down the road.
And please spread the word to whomever you think would be interested...we need you ...:)

Thanks and Much love




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