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    34rd Government of the State of Israel Headed by Benjamin Netanyahu

       34rd Government of the State of Israel Headed by Benjamin Netanyahu

     (May 14, 2015)

    Presented to the Knesset on May 14, 2015, and approved that same day at 23:56 with 61 votes in favor and 59 against. When formed, the Government comprised a coalition of 61 members of Knesset in the following composition:
    Likud (30 seats)
    Kulanu (10 seats)
    HaBayit HaYehudi (8 seats)
    Shas (7 seats)
    Agudat Israel (6 seats)
    Following is the Government composition on the day of its swearing-in:
    Benjamin Netanyahu       
     Prime Minister
     Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Minister of Health
    Minister of Communications
    Minister for Regional Cooperation
     Silvan Shalom
    Vice Premier
     Minister of Interior
     David Azoulay
    Minister of Religious Services
     Ze'ev Elkin
    Minister of Immigration and Absorption
    Intended Minister of Strategic Affairs
     Ophir Akunis
    Minister without Portfolio
     Uri Ariel
    Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
     Binyamin Begin
    Minister without Portfolio
     Naftali Bennett
    Minister of Education
    Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs
     Avi Gabai
    Minister of Environmental Protection
     Yoav Galant
    Minister of Construction
    Gila Gamliet
    Minister for Senior Citizens
     Intended Minister for Gender Equality, Minorities and Young People
    Danni Danon
    Minister of Science, Technology and Space
    Arye Deri
    Minister of the Economy
     Minister of Development of the Negev and Galilee
    Moshe Ya'alon
    Minister of Defense
    Yisrael Katz
    Minister of Transportation and Road Safety
    Minister of Intelligence
     Moshe Kahlon
    Minister of Finance
     Haim Katz
    Minister of Welfare and Social Services
     Yariv Levin
    Minister of Tourism
    Minister of Internal Security
     Liaison between the Government and the Knesset
     Miri Regev
    Minister of Culture and Sport
     Minister of Intelligence
     Yuval Steintz
    Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water
     Ayelet Shaked
    Minister of Justice

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