Iran confirms a senior-level general was eliminated in Syria

Iran has confirmed that a Revolutionary Guards general was killed in the air strike in Syria yesterday, which was allegedly carried out by Israel.

24 hours after the attack in Syria, Iran confirmed that a Revolutionary Guards senior-level commander General Ali Alllahdadi was eliminated in yesterday's air strike. Iran blames Israel for the general's death.

Allahdadi was associated with Qasem Soleimani, the Revolutionary Guard's Al-Quds commander, a cell responsible for the Revolutionary Guard's activity outside Iran. Allahdadi was in charge of the organization's activity in Syria and Lebanon.  He was therefore part of the convoy which was attacked yesterday.

A Lebanese source associated with Lebanese Shia Muslims reported that six Iranian soldiers were eliminated in the air strike, as well as six Hezbollah members, which brings the total to 12 people. This claim has not been officially confirmed.  However, the source specified that the six Iranian soldiers and six Hezbollah men were in the attacked convoy that included three vehicles.

As reported earlier, Imad Mughniyah's son, Jihan Mughniyah, was also killed in the attack. This morning, Hezbollah announced it has decided to respond to the Israeli attack. IDF forces in the north have begun preparing for a possible Hezbollah retaiation in the form of rocket fire or any other response.

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