Facebook Censoring and Blocking Israel Advocates

Since the abduction and murder of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali, and the constant rocket fire on innocent Israeli civilians,we have been passionately moving things in full gear, advocating for Israel, Jews, and the IDF. This has been happening primarily in the social media sphere (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.). 

During this time, we have been slammed with antisemitic content, threats, and attacks online. by Israel haters. We have been harassed and threatened by people posting pictures praising the Holocaust, denying the Holocaust, wishing Hitler did a better, job, etc. We've reported such threats and hate speech, but Facebook did nothing. Of course, this is nothing new. We've long been covering the many issues on Facebook, and in particular, their censorship of Jews and Israel advocates.

So now the latest and greatest is, apparently the following photos we posted on Facebook are against their TOS, somehow.

In light of posting the following pro-Israel photos, they were censored, and now we are blocked from doing our Jewish and pro-Israel advocacy on the Facebook for 30 days. If you click here, you can see the alarming messages we received on our phone, when this happened.  And below, here are the "offensive" photos that Facebook is claiming is against their TOS, and are so evil that they warrant a 30 day ban from the network. But also, please read below the photos, as we discuss this problem more: 

Now, are they edgy? Yes. Are they hateful, threatening, or inciting violence? Absolutely not! They are self-defensive, in nature. Is Facebook having a problem with the language in them, or just the images? The language is also self-defensive, in nature, especially if you consider the history of antisemitism, most recently, the Holocaust. All we are saying is that if you attack us (ie. or "fuck" with us), we're going to fight back. Does Facebook have a problem with the basic idea of self-defense? Are they offended by the photos of IAF planes? We're very confused how and why we get censored and banned from the platform for 30 days because of these images, especially when our enemies get away with posting blatant death threats, praising of Hitler, calling for the destruction of Israel, Holocaust denial. We have seen 1000's of such messages on 1000's of antisemitic, Islamic terrorist, and Holocaust Denial pages, groups, and profiles, that Facebook refuses to take down. Our enemies also spam such content all over our pages.

Now, we have contacted a friend at Facebook and we're hoping that this gets rectified very soon. We have also reached out to many others, including celebrities, attorneys and organizations. We're hoping that Facebook admits their mistake, restores the content and reverses the 30 day ban. In the meantime, we urge you to please follow us on Twitter,  Google+, and on Linkedin, where you can connect with David Appletree (the founder of the JIDF) and follow our general JIDF page.

Also note, that we are hardly the only folks this is happening to! We'd like to put an end to it completely. To do that, we need to take things to the next level. We're working to turn the JIDF into an official non-profit, where we would have a PR and legal department to take on such blatant issues of discrimination and negligence more effectively. If you can help in these departments, or know of anyone who can, please contact us. Of course, any and all financial support this time, also helps us to continue fighting the good fight. And also, if you could help share this article in general, we'd appreciate it! 

Again, Facebook has been censoring, harassing, and threatening us for years. It's all documented on this site. This is nothing new. It's very sad that they abuse their power by trying to mess with people, especially when it's just because they don't agree with our views. But now it's an established fact, that they enjoy trying to manipulate people, and they constantly toy with their emotions, and censor content, etc. It's very sad they are such an extremely negligent, hypocritical, and hostile company, still. We'd hope after going public they'd have changed their ways, but apparently they not only don't give a damn about their members, and the hard work people do on their platform, but they don't care about their shareholders, either.  

This blatant corporate abuse that will eventually get Facebook into a lot of trouble. 

But on the plus side, this type of "dilemma" only makes us stronger. We've been dealing with it since the beginning, and it only means we're doing something right. We're saying things that must be said. We're doing things that must be done. If Facebook wants to be so dishonest and unfair, so be it. People will continue to distrust them, and look to other networks that are superior. 

In the meantime, thank you to our many friends and supporters! 



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