22 de mar. de 2011

Norwegian MP: Shoah never happened

Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen asked to resign after reportedly saying, 'There is no evidence the gas chambers or mass graves existed' 
Public brainwashed because of Schindler's List'  Archive photo

Norwegian Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen isn't very popular right now -- members of his own party are calling for his resignation after Mathisen reportedly told the Finnmarken newspaper that the Holocaust never happened.

“There is no evidence the gas chambers or mass graves existed," he told the newspaper, according to reports. "Even reputable Holocaust historians have admitted it cannot be established.”
Mathisen reportedly has accused Holocaust survivors of exaggerating their stories, stating that the public has been brainwashed into believing the Holocaust took place because of films such as "Schindler's List", according to the forum.

The lawmaker, who also posted his findings on his Facebook page, has refused to resign from the party.

"Holocaust survivors are aghast at the morally repugnant comments of a Norwegian member of Parliament," Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, said in a statement in which he called for Mathison’s expulsion from office. 

"They are an insult to the memory of all victims of Nazi brutality, Jew and non-Jew. It was not until the 1990s that Norway began to confront its collaboration with the deportation of Jews and the plunder of their property during the Nazi occupation," the statement said.

"The manner in which they deal with MP Mathisen is a test of whether those historical lessons were learned."



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