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Sinagoga no interior de Pernambuco

Sinagoga no interior de Pernambuco

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Eleora Medeiros

Sinagoga no interior de Pernambuco


Last Sunday,  25,  we celebrated  Channukah with a new Synagogue,  Maguen Abraham, built in a small village - Brejo da Madre de Deus - in the interior of Pernambuco. It´s a poor community of hand labourers, some of them don´t have water and energy at home, but they got strengh enough  to build their Synagogue, and now they have a place where to pray and be grateful for G´d having opened His arms to them.  Maguen Abraham  was possible only  because G´d allowed it, wanted it from  them. This Synagogue was built BY MARRANOS TO MARRANOS (hand, money and soul). They are about 40 people, a living proof of our existence in Northeastern Brazil and of the willing and power to resist and go ahead in search of our G´d, respecting the Law and our ancestors, with or without aprouvement and permission.

Something begin to happen here, in Brazil: 
  • marranos build a Synagogue;  
  • a marrano (Joao Medeiros) wrote a book to tell our History (Nos Passos do Retorno - On the Paths of Return), though the book was just a "complement" for those who is near him.  Joao is avaiable to teach and give us orientation whenever we need;
  • a marrano doctor (Luciano Oliveira) is at disposal of a village to make their Brit Milah. He will come to Brejo da Madre de Deus in January and spend his hollidays to do his "obligation";
  • a marrano (Ricardo Trigueiro) spends his resting days to give support and instruction to marranos in small cities;
  • Marranos are going to build a NEW SYNAGOGUE IN CAMPINA GRANDE (Paraíba)!!!  It will be ready in 7 months.
There are many others envolved in this work, I just want you to know some of them. Finally, we are successful, we are united, we can build our way to G´d.  Can you feel what I am talking about??

I am sending four pics in advance to show you the Synagogue Maguen Abraham. As soon as possible I will send the others (45). I guess I will publish them on a album on line, so everyone can watch them.

May Hashem bless us all (and forgive me for my pride).


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  1. My name is Helen Trigueiro and I would like to contact Mr. Ricardo Trigueiro. If you have any news about him, please contact me. My e-mail is
    I`m searching about marranos of my family.

    I thank you in advance


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