Justice Minister speaks out against boycotts of Israel in KnessetJustice Minister speaks out against boycotts of Israel in Knesset plenum discussion of issue.

'It's not politically correct to be anti-Semitic, but it's super-in to be anti-Israel'.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked slammed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, posing BDS as "anti-Semitism in new clothes," during a Knesset plenum discussion of the issue on Wednesday. 

The discussion came a day after Britain's National Union of Students passed a motion to affiliate with the BDS movement.

"It's not politically correct to be anti-Semitic today, but it's super-in to be anti-Israel," Shaked told the plenum.

"BDS opposes Israel as the Jewish state. It wants to blacken us and destroy us as a Jewish and democratic state," she claimed.

She rejected the notion that the BDS movement was merely against certain policies of Israel, such as those regarding settlements.

"The boycotters don't talk about Judea and Samaria, they talk about the State of Israel. It's anti-Semitism in new clothes...People used to delegitimize the Jews, now they do it to our state," she said.

She attacked Israel's critics for hypocrisy, saying that while hundreds of thousands of people are being butchered in Syria and being decapitated by ISIS, the world remains quiet. She pointed out that the British students' union who passed the BDS resolution against Israel on Tuesday had refused to boycott Islamic State.

Shaked said that Israel should boycott back whoever boycotts it. She said that the BDS movement comes from classic anti-Semitism, radical Islam's spread in Europe and naivete.
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